Do I have to say that quite often in the work of Windows, you can notice inhibition and obvious problems with the appearance of failures, seemingly unrelated to any user actions? The most inquisitive minds are doing quite right, referring to the so-called error log, where they find a record like "Invalid block on Device \ Harddisk0 \ DR0". What is this symptom for the hard disk itself and how to fix such a problem, then we will try to figure it out. But readers should be warned in advance that the appearance of such a malfunction is usually the first sign that the hard disk has started to crumble. Therefore, the best solution would be to replace it.

Failure "Bad block on Device\Harddisk0\DR0": what does this mean for a hard disk?

Before embarking on explaining the nature of the error and considering the methods for eliminating it, it should be immediately noted that such a failure can relate exclusively to the entire main hard disk in its “iron” form, and not to any logical partition. Similarly, the problem that the log indicates a failure “Invalid block on Device \ Harddisk0 \ DR0” refers to any drives that have a RAID array on the computer (two or more HDDs or SSDs are connected).

The failure itself signals that when accessing a stationary hard drive (to its zero partition), the system detects a bad block or a damaged sector from which it is impossible to read information. A kind of looping of requests begins, which is why the problems start from the OS itself. However, if it is impossible to recover data from such a block for re-reading, the system can be made to ignore it, so that it can perform further actions without referring to the failed sector.

“Bad block on Device\Harddisk0\DR0”: how to fix the error using the simplest method?

Thus, it becomes quite obvious that to fix this problem, first of all you need to check the hard disk itself. That's just a standard tool called through the PCM menu from the "Explorer", it is better not to use, but call the command console on behalf of the admin, and then set the scan using the command shown in the picture.

If it is reported that it is impossible to shut down the active volume with a proposal to perform a scan at a subsequent restart, you must agree and reboot.

Check system components

The previous version of eliminating a failure is in some sense universal, but it cannot be ruled out that the appearance of the error “Invalid block on Device \ Harddisk0 \ DR0” in Windows 7 (and indeed, in all Microsoft operating systems) may be due to disruptions in the operation itself. OS due to damage to its own components, just responsible for accessing the hard disk. Thus, as a second technique, which allows to partially or completely eliminate the problem that has arisen, we can suggest that they be tested.

To do this, again, you need to apply the actions performed in the command console, but specify in it the command shown above that allows you to both check and restore the failed components from working copies. The scan may take quite a long time, and upon its completion, the system is strongly recommended to completely restart.

The testing system using DISM

Few ordinary users know that in all recent modifications of Windows there is another powerful tool that allows you to perform system testing or repair, abbreviated as DISM. For the performance of such operations, it is possible to offer two equivalent ways.

In the first case (despite the name of the team, allegedly only checking the "health" of the PC), the combination presented in the image above is written out.

In the second variant, you can use another line, which, when executed, performs the restoration of system components (it is shown in the second picture).

Additional utilities to scan and repair HDD

If you don’t like your own system toolkit for troubleshooting the “Invalid block on Device \ Harddisk0 \ DR0” device for some reason, you can use special programs to check the hard drive from third-party developers that you can find on the Internet just a huge amount. However, when choosing an application, it is better to give preference to software that can be used on removable bootable media with operation in some kind of DOS-like mode, but with a graphical interface (this is necessary so that the operating system does not start, and then it will be clear Does this failure exclusively to problems with HDD). You can recommend the most powerful among all analogs program Victoria.

If the “Invalid Block on Device \ Harddisk0 \ DR0” device fails by any of the previous methods, it is advisable to use the HDD Regenerator utility, which allows you to repair hard drives, unless the breakdown level has reached critical levels (as stated the developer of the program, such operations are performed by reversing the surface of the drive). Based on the application, a bootable media is created (for example, a USB flash drive), and all operations are performed at startup from it even before the OS starts.

In general, it is not excluded that this problem may arise in the future, so the best and most acceptable solution would be to create a backup copy of the entire contents with the replacement of failing equipment. You can even transfer the still working OS to a new hard drive, using either the tool of the Windows To Go system itself or third-party software products.

What could be more?

Finally, some experts point out that, indirectly, in the appearance of such a problem, RAM may also be involved. Therefore, sometimes as an additional action, it will be necessary to perform its verification, determining whether there are any bad planks. For this, the Memtest86 / 86 + boot utilities are best suited. If they are not at hand, you can simply alternately remove the slats from the slots to find the faulty ones. When they are found, they will have to be replaced.

Note: if similar failures are detected, when a different drive number is indicated in the error, you can also apply the methods presented above. However, very often the root cause may be unofficial (if you can say so, "curves") drivers that the user is trying to install for some equipment. They need to be downloaded only from the official website of manufacturers or trusted sources.

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