Certainly, every user sooner or later faces the question of how to translate pdf to doc, while maintaining the maximum amount of information.

First of all, I would like to note that files with the pdf extension, as a rule, are electronic documents intended for the presentation of printed products. Graphic pdf-document is initially prepared in a special program and later transmitted to pdf for, for example, the work of a printing house or distribution in electronic form.

Information on how to convert pdf to doc is interesting, first of all, for schoolchildren, mainly for senior classes, students, teachers and academics. In a word, to all those who are faced with the need to use a fragment of such a file to prepare their own document, for example, an abstract, report, report, article or contract.

In my article I would like to talk in more detail about how to translate pdf to doc, indicating several ways to resolve this issue.

So, the above transformation can be done in two ways:

Using various online resources. Today, you can find many sites in RuNet that offer such conversion absolutely free. Those. within seconds, your pdf will be converted to text or graphic format with the extension (optional) png, bmp, tiff, jpg, txt, rtf or doc. The finished document in the required, specified in advance format, will be sent directly to the desktop of your computer, or in the form of a zip-archive to an electronic box.

The main disadvantage: as a rule, the volume of such convertible information is limited. After some time, the site administration will again tell you in detail how to convert the pdf format to doc (or any other), but for the money.

This method is suitable for those who can boast of constant and stable access to the Internet.

I want to bring to your attention a few, in my opinion, worthy sites of such a plan:

  • www.freepdfconvert.com is English-language content, although problems with this usually do not occur even in a person who barely knows a foreign language. What should be done? - Select the required pdf file from your computer and click the “convert” button, which means “convert” in translation. You won't have to wait long for the result: just a few seconds. After that, the service will provide you with a link to download the zip-archive. You can specify your e-mail box, then the test will go and go there. Now for the sad: do not wait for the permanent Darmsmith! Yes, the service is completely free. But! It is free only for converting one document in half an hour. If this intensity of work does not suit you, you will have to pay from 9 to 299 dollars. USA. The amount depends on the estimated volume of transfer.
  • www.pdftoword.com - this site works no worse than the previous one. The principle of converting is the same. Although in this case, you will have to specify your email address. You can use this resource online for free, but if you want to download the application to your computer, you will have to fork out. Cons of the site: how to translate pdf to doc urgently and literally in seconds, while maintaining the quality? - Not exactly with the help of www.pdftoword.com! The server is often overloaded, it is unstable, it periodically displays an error message.
  • www.pdfonline.com is another English site. The menu is quite simple. Characteristic feature: with it, you can both convert pdf to doc, and vice versa! On your home computer, you can download a trial version of the program. Negative points: although it works much more stable than www.pdftoword.com, nevertheless, there are sometimes “glitches”. The same excessive server congestion is to blame for this.

Find and download a special program. Any of these applications are intended for home use only. It is able to accurately recreate the original document in all details, including heading fonts, the location of the text on the page, the exact mapping of tables, the specified lists and marked paragraphs. That is, the converted document will be almost 100% identical to the desired one. Please note that all such programs are provided, as a rule, in the demo version.

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