Workout for Women | Weight Loss Fitness App by 7M


Workout for Women by 7M is an app that aims to help ladies get in the best shape of their lives, lose weight, burn fat, and tone their muscles without going to the gym. Read more about Workout for Women | Weight Loss Fitness App by 7M  

As the name suggests, the mobile solution targets women of all ages who want to exercise every day and thus improve their general health. It offers an extensive collection of short and efficient routines that they can perform at any time, with no special equipment.
Users get the freedom to select from a variety of premade programs, whether to burn belly fat, tone their arms, strengthen back muscles, stretch their legs, or lose weight. There are also lots of workouts for beginners that are easy to execute and do not lead to energy depletion.
Before starting any exercise, users can watch an explanatory video to observe each movement and receive advice. Moreover, the Android tool provides voice guidance and plays engaging music in the background to keep their motivation up. It also lets women configure settings to their preference and adjust sound volume or increase rest times if necessary.
At the end of each training, the app displays information about its length and calories burned. Furthermore, it enables ladies to keep track of their weight and explore statistics on their progress. It is also worth mentioning that it lets them set reminders to increase the chances of achieving their fitness goals.