Who Use My WiFi? Network Tool


Who Use My WiFi is a straightforward app that provides information about your current network and discovers all connected devices in a flash. Read more about Who Use My WiFi? Network Tool  

The mobile solution has a minimalist design and displays an easy-to-use interface to help anyone, even people without IT knowledge, scan their WLAN effortlessly. In a few seconds and with just a tap on the search button, users detect all the phones, tablets, computers, and other devices connected to their network.
It also reveals a batch of details about each device identified on scanning, including the IP, MAC address and the manufacturer, to let users recognize possible intruders quickly. They can copy these data and share them via email, WhatsApp, Messenger, or other tools straight from the app.
Besides this, the developer decided to provide step-by-step tips on how to adjust router settings and block any unknown device that uses the Wi-Fi without permission.
The application also offers a batch of information about every Wi-Fi network scanned, such as their SSID and BSSID, IP address, gateway, lease time, and DNS data.