Ume Icon Changer - Customize icon & Shortcut


Ume Icon Changer is a tool that lets you create custom shortcuts for almost any app installed on your device, choose from a gallery of beautiful pictures, and change names. Read more about Ume Icon Changer - Customize icon & Shortcut  

Customization is a significant part of the Android experience. Users are free to pick from tons of software solutions, whether they want to discover new wallpapers, ringtones, or launchers. Ume Icon Changer is also in that category. It lets anyone create personalized shortcuts for their applications in just a few seconds.
Users get the chance to decorate their devices with a multitude of beautiful pictures. They can explore the built-in gallery until finding an image that suits their preferences or choose to replace the premade icons with personal photos. The mobile solution also enables them to crop pictures, change icon shapes, and write names that no one else could understand for extra privacy.
When creating a shortcut from the app, it automatically adds a watermark to your new icon. For this reason, you can try a different approach to avoid seeing that logo. Long-press a blank space on the home screen, select Widgets from the list below, and then search for Ume Icon Changer. Afterward, you need to drag and drop a widget, select the application to customize, pick an image, and modify its name.