UCCW - Ultimate custom widget


UCCW is an app that lets users create custom widgets with just a few taps, place designs on the home screen, and improve their Android experience. Read more about UCCW - Ultimate custom widget  

Whether you want to impress friends, make your device stand out, or unleash your creative skills, this mobile solution might be a great choice. It gives anyone the chance to create personalized widgets and add those items on the home screen effortlessly.
Users may select from a variety of free and premium templates, depending on their preferences. Furthermore, the app lets them edit and customize any of those patterns to their liking. They can change the background color and transparency, upload personal photos, and adjust widget size to fit perfectly on the home screen.
Likewise, there are many different objects that users may include in their designs, such as text boxes, geometrical shapes, digital clocks, calendars, weather data, barcodes, and images. They can also define hotspots and specify what actions to trigger when pressed. Once the editing process is over, they are free to save widgets, add items on the home screen, and share creations with friends.
Although the app is not that sophisticated, the developer enables users to watch a video tutorial at any time and thus gives them step-by-step instructions on how to make new widgets.