Timebox Timer


Timebox Timer is a tool that lets users keep track of their everyday tasks, create shortcuts for specific assignments, and customize settings to their preference. Read more about Timebox Timer  

Time tracking can help people increase their productivity, overcome distractions more smoothly, and reach their goals. It enables them to organize daily activities more efficiently and make better plans once they identify possible issues.
Timebox Timer intends to be a trustworthy companion in this matter. The app lets users track time accurately for any task they want within a straightforward and customizable interface. They can choose from a variety of clock faces and colors, switch to the dark theme, and set a particular alert tone to enjoy the best experience.
The mobile solution lets users launch the timer for up to three hours, depending on their needs, whether they plan to oversee a work assignment, study session, or cooking activity. There are several options to set the duration, and the quickest one requires them to make a simple swipe gesture on the analog clock. After completing that step, the countdown starts automatically.
Furthermore, users get the chance to create shortcuts for specific tasks and thus avoid performing the same action repeatedly. As a result, after defining a new assignment, they can let the app work in the background on their Android phone or tablet.