TETRIS Blitz - North America


TETRIS Blitz is a puzzle game from Electronic Arts that makes use of the famous Tetris formula, but with a twist. Read more about TETRIS Blitz - North America  

When you see the word Tetris in the name of the game you might be tempted to think that it’s a regular Tetris game, but that’s definitely not the case. It just borrows the main gameplay mechanic and makes use of a simple new rule give the other name, Blitz.
The developers of the game have implemented a two-minute rule that governs every session. This means that you have exactly two minutes to fulfill the requirements of a stage.
The thing is that this is a game that makes use of micro-transactions and waiting times. If you don’t have enough coins to replay a level, you will have to wait.
Of course, there are power-ups that can help you along the way and even a frenzy mode. All in all, it’s a good way to spend some time and maybe get annoyed by the difficulty.