Summoners War


Summoners War is action RPG for the Android platform that will take players on a wild ride. Read more about Summoners War  

Action RPGs are all the rage right now, and it looks like everyone is trying to do something along these lines. The Summoners War is a new game that promises to enthrall users with a great story and interesting gameplay.
In Summoners War, the player will jump into an arena and fight for the precious mana crystals. This is done by summoning monsters to fight for you, and more than a 1000 types of creatures are available by default.
To make even thing even better, there are 21 different Rune sets that can enhance the monsters abilities, and there is even a village that awaits your return in order to improve it. It’s also possible to fight in PvP battles, and train the monsters in your care, and much more.