Start Running. Couch to 5K


Start Running is an Android application that promises to help users train and become better over time. Read more about Start Running. Couch to 5K  

The full name of the application is “Start Running. Couch to 5K,” which means that users should be able to run a 5K race when they are done with the app. It’s a tall order, but the app takes it slow, allowing everyone to catch up.
Start Running follows a strict workout routine on different levels, depending on the level of fitness of the user. You might not want to run a 5K race right from the start, and getting there is quite a journey if you never ran before.
The app tracks the distance traveled and covers all the relevant statistics that you would ever need. Each training session is detailed, allowing the user to see how they are progressing. The app also comes with a pedometer, a calorie burnt counter, and the option to create your own workouts.