Staples® - Shopping App

Staples is a shopping application designed for companies and people that mainly look for office supplies. Read more about Staples® - Shopping App  

With so many shopping apps out there is difficult to understand why there aren't more solutions for companies that need quick access to office supplies. Going to the store is not really an option, especially if it's a larger company, so an app and delivery to the doorstep sound like a good idea.
With Staples users can much faster access to the things that need for their offices. Since this is a store that features office supplies, including some hardware, laptops, and other such items prominently, it's much easier to find what you might need.
It's also really easy to track all of the purchases, delivery times for packages, payments, and so on. Furthermore, the application also offers a glimpse into the next week promotions so you can get ready for it.