SkyWiki - the world of astronomy at a glance


Use the SkyWiki app to find all the relevant information about astronomy, the sky above us, and much more. Read more about SkyWiki - the world of astronomy at a glance  

If you’re interested in astronomy and celestial object, you might consider giving SkyWiki a try. It comes with all the necessary information if you’re a beginner or with a wealth of data if you need more complex answers.
The application offers a complete skymap that lets users travel back and forward in time to see what’s happening. It’s possible to see all of the major planets, constellations, brightest stars and Messier objects.
Also, a calendar provides notifications about all sorts of events like eclipses, solstices, planetary events, meteor showers, and much more. Furthermore, a periscope allows for the real-time visualization of the Sun and Moon trajectories. If you’re interested in news, you can also read about all the latest discoveries as well.