Simple Music Player - Play audio files easily


Simple Music Player lets you listen to your favorite song anytime and anywhere, create playlists for various moods, add a widget on the home screen, set the sleep timer, and more.  Read more about Simple Music Player - Play audio files easily  

Listening to music can have positive effects on our minds and bodies. Many people turn to their favorite songs when they want to overcome stressful situations quicker. One of the first options is to use an online streaming service, but this alternative is only viable with a permanent Internet connection. An app that works offline is perfect for the rest of the time. 
Simple Music Player is one of these tools. It has a straightforward interface, does not show ads, and does not ask for unnecessary permissions. Once you authorize it to access your storage, there is nothing left to do but start listening to your songs, podcasts, and other MP3 files. 
The app lets users manage all their local music in one place and sort tracks by title, artist, path, or duration. They can also create playlists for various moods or activities, play a particular song on repeat, or activate the shuffle mode. Furthermore, users get the freedom to set the sleep timer whenever they want to turn off music automatically after several minutes and take advantage of the equalizer presets to enhance their listening experience. 
The mobile solution provides many other customization options. For instance, users can switch to a different theme, change the color scheme, and add a widget on the home screen.