Sdorica -sunset-


Sdorica -sunset- is a beautiful turn-based game that pushes the limits of visual design, providing a unique experience. Read more about Sdorica -sunset-  

Sdorica -sunset- spent four years in the making and the result is a game like no other that uses handcrafted animations and gorgeous backdrops. Its purpose is to tell a story and to impress the players at the same time.
More than 30 characters are available, with stories and quests that are interconnected in a way that lets people experience the entire adventure. It’s also about picking the right team, and about using the right strategy in a fight.
It’s not always the best idea to go in swinging, and it often happens that a defensive stance will be much more efficient. Also, the music is provided Chamber Chu, who is also the composer of DEEMO's main soundtrack.