Samsung Good Lock

Good Lock is an Android application designed by Samsung for their latest devices to allow users to customize their overall experience. Read more about Samsung Good Lock  

Not all companies allow users for this much degree of freedom to customize the Android operating system, but Samsung is trying to improve in this regard with the help of Good Lock, an app available in Korea, the United States, UK, Singapore, Australia, and Canada.
The application has several components. Lockstar lets users customize the lock screen, change the clock face, the background, and determine what items are visible on the screen. Quickstar is all about customizing the Quick Panel, and the Task Changer app allows you to scroll through recent apps by swiping left and right.
The application also comes with Routines, a function that enables people to create new functions, ClockFace, which is self-explanatory, and EdgeLighting+m which permits users to customize the working edges of the phone.