Remind: School Communication

Remind is a tool that enables teachers to communicate with their students, initiate group conversations, send individual messages, share files, and keep contact information private. Read more about Remind: School Communication  

The app aims to let instructors, learners, and parents stay in constant contact, whether they are at school, at home, or anywhere else. It helps people share and get all the valuable information they need inside a straightforward interface. Besides that, it enables users to send and receive text messages even without exchanging phone numbers or email addresses. As a result, their data remains private.
Furthermore, it is worth knowing that the mobile solution is easy to set up and lets teachers manage multiple classes on the same platform. The next significant step educators have to take after creating a new group is to customize a bunch of options and point out how participants should interact. For instance, they can authorize students to communicate only with each other and apply the same rule to parents. Another alternative is to let everyone actively participate in group conversations, ask questions, and express their opinions.
After inviting people to join, teachers get the chance to post announcements and see who has read the latest updates. Moreover, they can send individual messages to particular students or parents, translate text in real-time, and share files, photos, or links in one place.