ProWriting: Grammar, Style & Spell Checker


ProWriting is an app that helps users improve their English, checks grammar, spelling, and punctuation, gives explanations on each mistake, grants access to a built-in dictionary, and more.  Read more about ProWriting: Grammar, Style & Spell Checker  

Few people can write a few lines without any mistakes. Whether we do not know the grammar rules well enough or we type incorrectly, a simple mistake can completely change the meaning of a sentence. Therefore, we should read each phrase carefully before sending an email, for instance, and ask for help when necessary to get rid of any doubt. 
ProWriting is a solution for anyone who wants to improve their English, no matter if opting for the American, British, Australian, or Canadian dialect. It provides the right set of features to let users detect mistakes in their texts without a hitch. The Android tool analyzes all sentences thoroughly, highlights errors, and shows explanations for each correction. As a result, it gives everyone the chance to learn from those descriptions and thus enhance their writing skills. 
After the grammar, spelling, and punctuation check, users can copy text to the clipboard and paste it anywhere they want, such as the body of an email, a social media post, or a private message. Furthermore, they get the chance to translate phrases between over 100 languages, look up words in the dictionary, and see examples on how to employ those terms correctly. 
Apart from the many benefits provided by the free version, users may unlock extra tools if they choose to buy a premium subscription.