Podcast Guru

1.8.3 Beta 4

Podcast Guru is a tool that lets you listen to a variety of shows on your Android device, filter content by category, download audio files for offline use, control the playback speed, and set the sleep timer. Read more about Podcast Guru  

The app aims to provide every podcast lover around the world with an extensive range of options and a bunch of powerful features. It grants access to all these assets within an intuitive interface that anyone can navigate effortlessly.
Users get the chance to find dozens of shows on various topics, whether they are interested in business, education, health, science, technology, sports, arts, or music. They can explore the available collection until discovering a title that captures their attention or browse by category to speed up the search process.
Apart from adding shows to the favorites list, the mobile solution enables users to download episodes and listen to those audio files even when offline. They can also rewind, move forward, and control the playback speed to improve their experience if necessary. Likewise, the Android tool gives them the freedom to set the sleep timer and thus make the sound turn off automatically after a few minutes or at the end of the current episode.
Users can also receive notifications on newly released podcasts, create multiple playlists, and share links with friends. Furthermore, the app gives them the chance to download content automatically over the Wi-Fi, switch to the night mode, and unlock some premium benefits via subscription.