Let's Meditate: Guided Meditation


Let’s Meditate is an app for users who want to reduce stress, focus on good things in their lives, build gratitude, embrace change, and remove negative thoughts through guided meditation. Read more about Let\'s Meditate: Guided Meditation  

The mobile solution aims to avoid unnecessary distractions within its straightforward interface, does not require any sign-up, and does not show ads, although it enables everyone to access its benefits completely free of charge.
Through this software, you get the chance to experience a variety of meditation sessions that target different topics, including emotional release, body scan, anxiety, time management, and sleep. You may download any audio track in the available collection and listen to it later on, even without an Internet connection.
Besides topics, the meditation sessions also differ in length. Therefore, you can choose between shorter or longer tutorials, whether you want to spend 5-minutes or 40-minutes practicing mindfulness every day.
Likewise, the app enables users to receive daily reminders and continue the guided introspection experience until reaching their goals. Moreover, they can sort tracks by duration or name, view unfinished sessions first, and find out how much time they spent meditating so far.