Learn 33 Languages Free - Mondly


Mondly is a powerful app that helps you learn new languages with comprehensive grammar lessons, memorize new words and phrases in context, enlarge vocabulary and improve pronunciation gradually. Read more about Learn 33 Languages Free - Mondly  

The mobile solution targets users of all ages, be they students, travelers or business people who want to expand their knowledge effectively. It enables beginners and advanced learners to master dozens of languages with daily lessons, weekly quizzes, and monthly tests, whether they want to acquire information about English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Romanian, Greek, Swedish, Danish, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, Afrikaans or other idioms.
The app divides its grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation lessons into multiple categories because it aims to make the learning process as organized, dynamic and fun as possible. Users get the opportunity to explore a massive collection of exercises that require them to make word-image associations, translate sentences, repeat pronunciations, and more. As a result, they discover greeting formulas, verb conjugations and useful phrases for specific situations, improve reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills and manage to hold fluent conversations in new languages.
In addition to all this, the software lets users set reminders, test their knowledge with weekly and monthly quizzes, track their progress and compete with friends.