Keyboard 69


Keyboard 69 is a keyboard application designed to speed up the user’s interaction with the phone. Read more about Keyboard 69  

There are a ton of different keyboard applications out there, and they all claim that they can do a better job than the default solution that can be found on Android systems. That’s true for the most part, but there is also a lot of room for improvements.
Writing on mobile devices is not all that intuitive, but the Keyboard 69 application aims to improve this situation with an interesting concept. It uses swipe gestures to provide the best experience, meaning that you don’t really have to type everything.
Also, the application is specifically built for two hands, and the only caveat is that users will need to have a little patience and learn a new way of writing. It comes with some interesting themes and a shortcut systems as well.
Please understand that this is still under development and bugs are present.