Heavens-Above is an app that enables users to identify sky objects, view information about the ISS, get details on selected satellites and receive notifications before significant events. Read more about Heavens-Above  

Unlike most of the astronomy applications on the market, this mobile solution pays particular attention to the International Space Station (ISS), Iridium flares, rockets, radio satellites, and other visible satellites.
The app is an extension of the HeavenAbove.com website and aims to help users track multiple objects across the sky. It provides accurate predictions for the ISS, shows its precise orbit and displays some information about its launch date, dimensions, maximum brightness and more.
Besides the ISS, users can use the GPS tool to track many visible satellites, view their orbits and then read a batch of relevant details about each artificial object in the sky.
The software also offers information about significant events that occur soon, such as sunrise, sunset, moonrise and rockets’ passes listed chronologically.
Explore the sky chart to see what constellations are above you today, tomorrow or some other time and receive notifications when the ISS passes over your geographic area.