Good Morning Alarm Clock


Good Morning is an app that aims to help you wake up energized every day, improve sleeping habits, play relaxing sounds to soothe your mind and set alarms. Read more about Good Morning Alarm Clock  

The mobile solution introduces an innovative approach to make you feel more rested day by day. It collects data from your device’s built-in accelerometer, analyzes sleep movements to find out which phase you are in and starts the alarm at the optimal time. Therefore, the software wakes you up gently, during a light sleep stage, to let your body revitalize gradually.
Place your Android phone or tablet as close as possible to get detailed statistics and graphs that indicate the quality of your sleep, activate the Airplane Mode to block possible harmful radiation and then connect it to a power source.
The application lets you set multiple alarms and enable the option that increases volume smoothly to avoid abrupt awakening. Choose favorite tunes in the free gallery, play personal music and listen to a series of relaxing sounds that mimic the woods crackling in a fireplace, the ocean waves, and the raindrops.
Based on daily statistics, you can make significant changes in your current schedule and improve sleeping habits. However, it is not mandatory to gather this kind of information. You are free to use the app for all of its other tools.