Fitatu Calorie Counter and Diet


Fitatu is a solution for users who want to count daily calories and nutrients, track physical activities, and reach their goal weight. Read more about Fitatu Calorie Counter and Diet  

The app aims to simplify the dieting experience for various categories of people, including individuals who plan to get fitter, gain healthy muscle mass, and maintain current weight. It provides everyone with the appropriate features to help them achieve any dietary goal effectively.
Users have to create a personalized account after installing the Android tool. During the setup process, they must disclose a bunch of details regarding their purpose, age, gender, and activity level. Likewise, they get the chance to adjust the predefined meal scheme and remove particular meals of snacks from that list.
When the profile configuration is complete, you can start tracking daily foods, calories, and nutrients without a hitch. The mobile solution enables you to access a comprehensive database and add any product to your breakfast, lunch, or dinner with a single tap. Each item includes a set of nutritional information about calories, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals.
Besides that, the app gives users the freedom to create custom foods and thus monitor their caloric intake even more accurately. They can also track a variety of workouts and physical activities, update body measurements, and stay focused on their weight goal.