Fast Scanner : Free PDF Scan


Fast Scanner is a solution that enables users to digitize all types of paper documents, crop images, apply filters to improve legibility, and export PDF files.  Read more about Fast Scanner : Free PDF Scan  

Whether you need to scan school notes, whiteboards, old photos, receipts, invoices, or business cards, this app aims to be a reliable assistant. It is easy-to-use and lets you digitize all types of documents in just a few seconds. After granting the necessary permissions, the next step is to tap the camera button on the bottom right and start the scanning process. 
Users should frame each item as well as possible before taking new pictures. However, it is not a tragedy if they fail to find the best angle because the mobile solution enables them to crop every image they capture. Likewise, they get the chance to rotate photos and select from an extensive collection of filters to enhance legibility. 
Furthermore, the Android tool also lets users group multiple images into a PDF file and share that digital document via email, Messenger, WhatsApp, or other messaging services. They can also send scans as JPEGs, print items directly from their mobile devices, save pictures in the local storage, and import photos from their gallery. Additionally, they get the freedom to rename files, change the type of a document, sort scanned images by date or name, and create different folders for better organization.