Drivemode: Safe Messaging And Calling For Driving


Drivemode integrates multiple apps to help drivers answer calls, hear messages, send texts, launch media players and explore navigations maps safely. Read more about Drivemode: Safe Messaging And Calling For Driving  

The mobile solution boasts a user-friendly interface that you can fully enjoy in any car, and it requires permission to access many of your device’s apps. After integrating Google Now, Waze, Slack, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Spotify or Google Play Music, you can switch safely between all these applications with voice commands and taps on large buttons.
Customize message settings and let the software automatically read out loud all received texts or ask it to ignore notifications while driving. Set favorite contacts, create preset texts and use those messages to auto-reply your family, friends or work partners.
Drivemode promises to ensure safer driving experiences, so it enables you to answer calls and send messages hands-free with a series of voice commands. Stay connected permanently, explore navigation maps, view driving history, use voice-search to find nearby destinations and share location with your friends.
Furthermore, the mobile solution enables drivers to overlay a music player on top of a navigation app, provides recommendations based on their past activities and lets them even pair a Bluetooth headset.