Daff Moon Phase


Daff Moon is a tool that provides information about Earth’s natural satellite, the Sun, and all planets in the solar system, including their current altitude and transit times. Read more about Daff Moon Phase  

The app promises to be an excellent choice for astronomy enthusiasts from all over the world. It has an intuitive and user-friendly interface, does not show ads, and grants access to its full set of features completely free of charge.
As the name implies, the mobile solution mainly focuses on the moon. It enables users to discover plenty of valuable details about Earth’s natural satellite, such as the current phase, altitude, azimuth, rise and set times, transit moments, age, distance, and zodiac constellation. They can also see information regarding the node passages of the moon, upcoming phases, and dates of lunar eclipses.
Apart from the moon, the Android tool helps you find out lots of interesting facts about the Sun and the planets in the solar system. Therefore, you get the chance to analyze a summary of daily events and check the positions of the larger objects in the sky around their orbits. You can also set notifications to avoid missing significant happenings, whether it is the next full moon, solar eclipse, spring equinox, or summer solstice.
In addition to all these benefits, users can customize their devices with a bunch of beautiful widgets.