English Conversation Practice - Cudu


Cudu pro

The mobile solution includes more than 90 lessons organized in three different chapters that enable users to discover the basics of English step-by-step. Besides greetings and introducing formulas, they learn how to communicate with English speakers in various situations, from work and business appointments to family trips, informal meetings with friends, and shopping sessions.
The collection of dialogues aims to cover almost all significant aspects of life. You can listen to these interactive lessons with American, British, or Australian accent, depending on your needs.
Learn lots of useful words and phrases from each conversation, take tests to verify your knowledge, and practice speaking every day. Save your favorite lines from any lesson to access them much quicker in the future from the dedicated section.
In addition to all this, the app includes more than 300 terms and short sentences from various topics, such as technology, travel, dining or lodging, that you can memorize effortlessly, and use them in real-life circumstances.