Beelinguapp: Learn a New Language with Audio Books


Beelinguapp enables you to read famous stories, novels, news and more in two different languages at the same time, select texts based on your category of interest and hear translations. Read more about Beelinguapp: Learn a New Language with Audio Books  

People of all ages can use this family-friendly app, that does not focus on flashcards and memorization, to study English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Arabic, Russian, Hindi, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.
Start by choosing the language you want to learn or improve, and then pick the idiom you prefer to use as a reference, be it your mother tongue or a language you know very well.
Easily navigate through various categories, such as children stories, famous novels, technology and science, travel and culture. Combine English with French, German with Spanish or Italian with Japanese, and select the beginner, intermediate or advanced level to make sure you receive the most suitable recommendations.
The mobile solution includes a vast collection of texts that you may read in two languages simultaneously guided by an animation, hear translations in real-time and play any word or sentence again. Switch to night mode, adjust font size, add terms to your glossary, write explanatory notes and access information anytime.