Action Launcher 3


If you’re tired of the regular launcher on your phone, you might want to try out Action Launcher 3 and check out its great features. Read more about Action Launcher 3  

Action Launcher 3 replaces your home screen with a much faster and customizable app. The installation and configuration can be done with great ease, and the final result is a much friendlier solution that gives your device a new look.
The launcher is based on Material Design, which means that it will integrate well with the rest of the Android operating system. Users will be able to customize the Google search bar at the top of the screen, the old folders have been replaced with a new feature called covers, and the option Shutters will allow for a preview of the app without opening it.
It’s also possible to import data from other existing launchers such as Nova, Google Now, Apex, HTC Sense, and many others.