• Uninstallers

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  • ZHPCleaner is a small tool, with the help of which we can clean our computer from potentially unwanted software (so-called PUP) installed in most cases without the consent or knowledge of the user.
    Aug 03 2020 0.15 MB
  • Advanced Uninstaller Pro - a powerful uninstaller for Windows-based applications that allows you to quickly and completely remove programs using a simple and intuitive interface
    Jul 30 2020 10.20 MB
  • Revo Uninstaller - a powerful utility to remove and uninstall programs without residues, traces and tails on your PC
    Jul 21 2020 7.11 MB
  • Display Driver Uninstaller is a free program for uninstalling NVIDIA and AMD video card drivers from the system. Deletes registry keys, files and folders. It will be useful when the standard ways to remove the driver fails.
    Jul 19 2020 1.28 MB
  • Adobe Flash Player Uninstaller - an installation that does not require installation, a small program that allows you to completely remove all traces of previously installed versions of Flash Player from the system for playing Flash in just a few mouse clicks.
    Jul 14 2020 1.41 MB
  • Soft Organizer is a powerful application manager that allows you to install programs with tracking, completely remove them, clean up all the remnants after them, and also reports on the availability of new versions of installed programs
    Jul 14 2020 22.10 MB
  • IObit Uninstaller is a free utility to correctly uninstall unnecessary applications. There is a batch removal of programs, forced uninstallation, the ability to create a restore point, automatic removal of residual applications, etc.
    Jul 09 2020 21.46 MB
  • UninstallView is a small and undemanding utility that is designed to manage software installed on a Windows computer.
    Jun 17 2020 0.11 MB
  • Revo Uninstaller Pro is an extended edition of a tool designed to remove unwanted applications installed in the system.
    Jun 15 2020 16.14 MB
  • DirectX Happy Uninstall - The program is designed to completely and safely remove DirectX kernel of any version from Windows operating systems.
    May 24 2020 14.74 MB
  • Uninstall Tool is a compact and easy-to-use utility that allows you to fully replace the built-in Windows operating system tool for installing and uninstalling programs. There is an opportunity to enable the display of hidden installed software
    Apr 17 2020 3.89 MB
  • Ashampoo UnInstaller - one of the best tools for removing applications and their traces, cleaning the system from debris and maintaining optimal PC performance
    Apr 14 2020 15.66 MB
  • Avast Clear is a utility for uninstalling avast applications, when it cannot be removed from the Windows Control Panel in a standard way.
    Feb 26 2020 10.91 MB
  • Wise Program Uninstaller is a small utility for cleanly removing programs installed in the system. It will help to uninstall unwanted programs and forcibly remove applications that could not be removed using standard methods.
    Feb 24 2020 3.69 MB
  • HiBit Uninstaller is a very easy to use tool that offers the ability to remove programs from your computer's hard drive.
    Feb 17 2020 2.49 MB