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  • Google Maps Downloader is a tool for automatically downloading images found using Google Maps.
    Aug 04 2020 8.27 MB
  • Playnite is a free (open-source license) tool for managing your own library of computer games. Thanks to it, we will have access to all of your titles from one application.
    Aug 03 2020 61.06 MB
  • 1Password is an application that collects all passwords used in Windows. The program is also a password manager and a tool that protects access to the computer.
    Jul 31 2020 10.48 MB
  • YUMI (Your Universal Multiboot Installer) is a small tool used to create bootable USB media with operating systems, antivirus software, computer diagnostics tools and partition cloning.
    Jul 27 2020 1.76 MB
  • ManicTime is a program to track user activity on a computer with a Windows operating system. It can be successfully used at home as well as in small or larger enterprises.
    Jul 23 2020 68.30 MB
  • FontCreator is a powerful, but very intuitive and easy-to-use tool for creating and editing OpenType and TrueType fonts.
    Jul 21 2020 19.35 MB
  • Icaros is not so much an application itself, as a set of light Windows shell extensions, which allows you to display thumbnails of video files by the system file explorer.
    Jul 11 2020 9.74 MB
  • ClipAngel is a powerful tool that provides a convenient clipboard manager in Windows. Despite many additional functions, the program has a convenient interface that every user should be able to cope with.
    Jul 05 2020 2.90 MB
  • ReShade is an advanced tool for post-processing in both computer games and programs. Thanks to it, we will increase, for example, the quality of the visual frame in Grand Theft Auto V or Doomie from 2016.
    Jul 03 2020 2.61 MB
  • ThrottleStop is a small application for laptop users, which allows you to monitor the operation of the processor, as well as modify various parameters of this system.
    Jun 29 2020 1.64 MB
  • Dashcam Viewer is a tool for watching movies recorded using the car's on-board camera.
    Jun 29 2020 105.81 MB
  • Cheat Engine is an advanced tool targeted mainly at players and enabling customization of games to individual preferences.
    Jun 29 2020 21.95 MB
  • GTask for Desktop is a tool designed to manage a list of Google tasks from a desktop or laptop computer.
    Jun 17 2020 59.26 MB
  • SteelSeries Engine is the proprietary SteelSeries software, a computer hardware manufacturer that offers the ability to customize various devices of the company to suit your preferences.
    Jun 12 2020 151.79 MB
  • Password Manager XP is an interesting program that allows secure storage of passwords and confidential information in the form of encrypted databases.
    May 28 2020 3.19 MB