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  • LTspice is a relatively simple to use program for designing and testing analog and mixed electronics. The advantage of the program is speed, a huge library of elements and the simplicity of creating layouts.
    Jul 23 2020 42.11 MB
  • progeCAD Professional is a program developed by the Italians to create 2D and 3D technical drawings, which due to its capabilities and attractive price is a very good alternative to AutoCAD.
    Jun 16 2020 748.91 MB
  • KiCad is a versatile and free toolkit for drawing diagrams and PCB design.
    May 17 2020 1 187.21 M
  • Vectorworks is a comprehensive BIM software for designing architecture, landscapes and landscaping. The program allows you to carry out the entire process in one place, from sketching through models to documentation and customer renders.
    Mar 28 2020
  • ARES Commander is an application designed to create CAD projects (computer aided design). The program supports DWG (import and export) format, it has the ability to export files to PDF and SVG.
    Feb 12 2020 412.50 MB
  • FreeCAD is a free and open program for parametric design of three-dimensional objects - this means that you can go back to any of the process steps and change its parameters at any time. The program is addressed to engineers and mechanics, but it is also well suited for the design of utility objects and architectural details.
    Feb 06 2020 485.54 MB
  • SketchUp is a professional software used to model three-dimensional objects - houses, spacecraft, sculptures, etc. It is also very good at designing and arranging any type of interior or garden, offering a wide range of ready-made components.
    Jan 29 2020
  • QCad is a commercial program for computer-aided design with a long tradition, whose development was temporarily stopped in 2009. In October 1999, Ribbonsoft began work on the CAM Expert program, which became the basis of QCada developed since May 2002.
    Jan 13 2020
  • GstarCAD is a tool for creating 2D and 3D technical drawings, considered by many to be the best and the cheapest alternative for popular AutoCAD.
    Jan 02 2020 240.71 MB
  • CAD Drawing is a modern and at the same time easy-to-use CAD type program that allows you to create two-dimensional technical drawings.
    Nov 13 2019 122.96 MB
  • Autodesk Fusion 360 is a complete, though simple solution for product design. In addition to modeling, you can perform a simulated strength test and prepare parts for production. Fusion 360 also allows team work and file sharing in the cloud.
    Nov 12 2019 10.94 MB
  • AutoCAD is a legend and the most important position on the market of 2D / 3D design applications and creating documentation. Allows you to share work using TrustedDWG technology.
    Sep 23 2019
  • CorelCAD is a program that Corel has entered the market for computer-aided design software. CorelCAD fully supports the popular DWG format, and we'll find all the tools and functions needed for 2D and 3D design. In addition, Corel has introduced several innovative features, such as the ability to include handwritten and voice notes in the project (available only on Windows) and compatibility with CorelDRAW and Corel DESIGNER.
    Jun 18 2019
  • Autodesk Revit is a professional program for building modeling and building information (BIM) in pre-loaded formats. In addition, Revit has the possibilities of architectural design, MEP engineering and construction, and the possibility of parametric design.
    Jun 11 2019
  • ArCADia PLUS is a combination of a CAD program and a basic ArCADia BIM system module, sold under the name ArCADia-START. ArCADia differs in the ability to create and edit ACIS solids.
    Apr 18 2019 1 556.27 M