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  • The JPK program is a software for generating JPK (short for: Uniform Control File) on the basis of various data, merging multiple JPK files and encrypting, signing and sending JPK to the Ministry of Finance. Importantly, the application can work with any ERP system.
    Nov 21 2019 100.46 MB
  • C-GEO is continuously developed since 1994, a universal and very popular tool supporting the work of surveyors and designers.
    Nov 20 2019 179.44 MB
  • Norma PRO is a professional and popular costing program created by one of the leading Polish companies that produce software for construction.
    Nov 13 2019 168.01 MB
  • Argus Monitor is a utility for monitoring the temperature and condition of various system components, including the processor, video card and hard disk. The program allows you to monitor the critical attributes of SMART hard drives
    Nov 13 2019 8.93 MB
  • Mindomo is a free application for creating mind maps (so-called mind maps) that facilitate describing complex issues, projects, etc. in a comprehensible way.
    Nov 06 2019 76.08 MB
  • Website maintenance program. The Service and Complaints Assistant enables easy retrieval, acceptance of the product for the service, acceptance of the product for the PZ warehouse and the issue from the WZ warehouse.
    Nov 03 2019 48.34 MB
  • Assistant. Correspondence Book is an electronic correspondence journal that gives you the option of registering incoming and outgoing correspondence. The main advantages of the program include the creation of reports on correspondence, printouts, adding files to the contractor's data, validation and localization (NIP, bank account numbers, zip codes, REGON, PESEL) or built-in database of postal codes, namedayes and area codes. In addition, the Correspondence Book Assistant application has been equipped with a module for networking between multiple users, a correspondence archive and a fast search engine.
    Nov 03 2019 47.59 MB
  • Assistant Database is a program in which you can create your own categories and tables for data storage in them. It has the ability to import data from external databases or files, eg. MySQL, CSV.
    Nov 03 2019 47.63 MB
  • WriteMapper is a comprehensive tool for creating mind maps.
    Oct 29 2019 47.05 MB
  • Quantum GIS (QGIS) is a geoinformation tool that allows you to create, edit, visualize, analyze and publish spatial information.
    Oct 28 2019 464.58 MB
  • Freeplane is a free tool with open source code for creating mind maps.
    Oct 26 2019 34.20 MB
  • Service Manager is a program designed for companies involved in the sale and service of photocopiers and other office equipment.
    Oct 24 2019 14.54 MB
  • mpSekretariat is an intuitive and convenient to use application designed to support the daily work of the secretariat. It enables easy monitoring of correspondence, planning tasks and meetings, and managing customer relations.
    Oct 23 2019 79.63 MB
  • Schedule roster is, as the name suggests, a tool that helps people who schedule working hours for employees in workplaces.
    Oct 02 2019 0.89 MB
  • Anti-Plagiarism is an application that, as the name implies, was created to detect all kinds of plagiarism in texts.
    Jul 08 2019 1.25 MB